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Designed specifically for highly sensitive assays and instrumentation “Ultra-Low Binding” Maximum sample protein/peptide recovery – even at low concentrations “Ultra-Low Extractables” Minimal extraction of additives or polymeric components into the protein/peptide solution with common organic solvents Highest Quality Polypropylene Manufactured with ultra-pure polypropylene and molded in a state-of-the-art facility (Class 7 clean room) Optimal Design Four different microplate formats have been successfully commercialized 96-Deepwell 0.5mL plate 96-Deepwell 1.0mL plate 96-Deepwell 2.0mL plate 384-well 120uL microplate Wells designed for optimal sample mixing Smoothed design decreases wicking effects that can draw liquid upwards which causes contamination of adjacent wells and loss of valuable samples SiO2 Medical Products, Inc.'s Advanced Bioscience Labware division combines plastic molding and materials expertise with plasma-based coating and treatment technologies to create labware products that offer the following benefits: “Ultra-Low Binding” Treatment Technology Minimize protein/peptide binding to bioscience labware at low concentrations “Ultra-Low Extractable” Technology Minimize extractables of the plastic labware into the sample “Ultra-Clean” Coating Technology Incorporate an SiO2 coating to replace glass insert microplates
Available in 2ml, 6ml, and 10ml sizes in both clear and amber Dimensionally stable Low particle levels Resistant to breakage Gas impermeable internal coating Scratch resistant external coating